Pastor Darryl was born again in 1974 while attending Syracuse University studying Environmental Science and Forestry.  In 1978, he was filled with the Holy Ghost at a Full Gospel businessmen's meeting and a short time later he was called into the ministry.  In May of 1978, Darryl married his high-school sweetheart, and, in 1987, Darryl and his wife Francine sold everything they owned, purchased a car and moved with their three children (Joseph, Jacob, and Michelle) to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma to attend Rhema Bible Training College.

Their fourth child, Jonathon, was born in 1988 at the City of Faith Hospital in Tulsa.  Graduating in 1989 with a degree in Pastoral Ministry, Darryl went to work for Kenneth Hagin Ministries for the next 4 years.  During those years, Francine and Darryl were also assistant School of the Bible teachers for the married 30-39 class at Rhema Bible Church (which had over 400 attendees every Sunday)

In 1993, obeying the call to bring the Word and Move of the Spirit of God to the northeastern United Stated, they moved back to New York.  For the last 22 years, Darryl has been pastoring in New York.

In February of 2009, Francine and Darryl pioneered Triumphant Life Church in Vestal, NY.  The church has been steadily increasing, and in 2010, moved to their current location at 1511 Davis Ave. in Endwell, NY.

Darryl coached high school sports (football, baseball, and basketball) for seven years, and Legion Baseball for over 10 years.  An avid outdoorsman, he enjoys golfing, hunting, fishing, and skiing.  He enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren.

Pastor Darryl and Francine have a vision to minister to people of all ages and cultural diversities.  They love God, love His Word, and love the move of the Spirit of God - and out of all this flows a great love for people.

They believe God has called them to bring a revival to the Northeast and beyond.

Letter from pastor to visitors

Dear Visitor,

We invite you to join us for worship, fellowship, and fun.  If you have never met God or are hungry for more of God, visit us and God will be real to you.  Our worship and our people will be real to you, no spiritual hype or hypocrisy, just a genuine love for God and for people.  The sense of family is very important to us at Triumphant Life Church (TLC).  You may be a visitor once, but the next time - you're family.

We believe Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and we believe He is the only hope for humanity.  God desires to give every person a supernatural encounter with Him.  Our desire is to give Him the platform to supernaturally touch and transform lives.  His Word is supernatural;  we preach and teach it without compromise from beginning to end and God confirms it with signs following.  Holy Spirit was supernaturally poured out on the day of Pentecost and He still moves supernaturally in the earth today.  We invite Him to move in our services as He wills, and we exhort our members to freely yield to Him.

God wants us to enjoy this life He gifted to us.  Together as a family, as a body, we endeavor to triumph over every obstacle of life through the power of His love.  We bear one another's burdens and celebrate each other's victories.  We are pressing to possess everything Jesus provided for us at Calvary;  forgiveness, health and healing, prosperity, peace, and joy are just some of the benefits of living in the kingdom of God.

We invite you to seek first the Kingdom of God with us and as you do, He will give you the deepest desires of your heart.


Pastor Darryl and Francine Reynolds